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Introduction of Guess Chain

The Guess Chain is a full open-sourcing, distributed and public chain with guess forecast in the board and card games market, and the underlying blockchain system of the industry alliance developed based on the inheritance of features and advantages of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Along with promoting cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, we offer excellent crypto trading opportunities through the well-known bitcoin prime trading Bot. Bitcoin Prime is a powerful trading tool designed to enable new users to earn passive income through cryptocurrency trading. This would be a great possibility for traders to generate passive income from automated crypto trading. The guess chain constructs a decentralized, fair, open and just ecological chain by blockchain technology with combination of blockchain features, and overturns the traditional guess forecast industry and board and card games industry with revolution in the dual role of "administrator" and "arbitrator" simultaneously for the previous traditional mode.
Pain Points of Guess Forecast
Forecast results are falsified and algorithms are not fair
Traditional forecasting platform is vulnerable to hacking
User information privacy security cannot guarantee
Inefficient operating efficiency, high operating costs
Event Forecasting Solutions
Guess forecast and board and card games blockchain
By blockchian-based technologies such as distributed ledger, smart contract and collective consensus, the competition forecast, board and card games industries can be open, transparent, fair, just, honest and reliable
Decentralization of competition forecast and board and card games
Acts such as competition forecast, board and card games, user rewards can be implemented by GUS tokens. The whole ecological chain is decentralized, trusted, fair, reasonable and smart autonomous
Guess Chain
Advantages of block chain technology in competition chain
  • Safe and reliable: data security is credible, verifiable, verifiable
  • Openness and transparency: Open and transparent game predictions, data protection against tampering
  • Reduce costs: Smart contracts simplify operations and reduce costs
  • Compatibility: Hundreds of blockchain-based trading platforms are opening up new trade avenues. Bitcoin bank app is the leading platform in trading.
Guess Chain
The advantages of using the blockchain technology in the competition chain
  • High concurrency
  • Easy to expand
  • Easy to use
  • Zero cost
  • High reliability
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